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Free Signature Perfect Pasties Bra With Every Purchase over $100
Free Signature Perfect Pasties Bra With Every Purchase over $100

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Le secret de la sensualite

The secret of sultry, is the essence of what our products provide. Le Sultry was created to give a timeless and captivating look that was born in the French Couture and Golden Hollywood era and used so effectively by a select group of beautiful women ever since. 

I spent years developing a line that would provide everything women would need to achieve the alluring look we might glimpse in a smoky expat bar in 1940s Casablanca, a chic bistro on the Riviera, or a ski resort in Zermatt.  

The Le Sultry woman exudes a “je ne sais quoi” nonchalant coolness and a natural aura of confidence.  She has that look that says the world was made for her.  It’s that aura of coolness and beaty that can’t help but make people secretly marvel at her as she enters a room.

Our products are a highly curated and integrated line of luxury skin care and cosmetics products made with carefully selected botanical anti-aging ingredients.  This collection will make your skin look its absolute best and will help you achieve that coveted effortless day look, known and mastered by Parisians, as well as the captivating sultry look for the evening. 


Le Sultry

Active Eye Cream

Our active eye cream tightens those fine, sensitive lines around your eyes. Our formula is enriched with Persian silk tree bark extract which revitalizes cell energy and tired skin. Spilanthes acmella flower extract is another natural ingredient that’s found in our active eye cream that firms the skin and reduces wrinkling. Our active eye cream applies like silk and absorbs into the skin, quickly smoothing out the skin around your eyes. What better way to end the night and wake up refreshed?

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Le Sultry

Botanical Firming Toner

The gentle toner your skin is looking for - our botanical firming toner is made with the best ingredients for all skin types. Our formula contains aloe, chamomile and Japanese green tea extracts to tighten pores and balance the pH of your skin. Marine minerals and cucumber extract helps promote skin firmness. Ready to get toned?

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Embrace Your Bold Beauty with Le Sultry.

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