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Free Signature Perfect Pasties Bra With Every Purchase over $100
Free Signature Perfect Pasties Bra With Every Purchase over $100

About Us

I have spent a number of years working as a human rights attorney.  Many of my clients, or their family members, have succumbed to heinous acts by governments who retaliated against them, simply because of their activism for a more democratic government.  Other clients of mine have sought refuge away from oppressive governments, or fled regions of war and abject poverty. 

As I watched them turn to NGOs, often they were faced with more walls and obstacles.  The NGOs-- even acting with the best of intentions-- were skating on barely enough funds to do what they were intended to do, and many missions to help were left unavailed.  Time and time again I saw their hands tied behind their backs, unable to really help in any meaningful way.  The money and necessary support to reach their goals and objectives were simply not there.

And from here, Le Sultry was born.  I brainstormed many days and nights to come to a creative solution on how to raise money for the organizations.  The usual route of grants just did not cut it.  It often took excruciatingly long periods of time to get an answer on whether they were awarded, and even when they were, it was often for pennies on the dollar of what the organization really needed to help their clients. 

I hope Le Sultry provides a place of giving and makes a real difference in the lives of the many out there needing someone to turn to in their greatest times of need. 

To each of you, thank you for your love and support—and for being part of our mission to make a difference.